About Us

One of the main items in your wedding check-list is a photographer and cinematographer to capture the special moments of your life. Alif Studio is the one you are looking for. We would write the most amazing moment in your life with camera.

With over 300 weddings shot in India and International destinations, our lenses have been trotting from all across India to Maldives, Dubai, and many other places.

Bringing storytelling in both wedding and pre wedding we want every single project to stand out from the crowd.

A wedding is the most cherished memory in a person’s life, but as the time goes by we only remembers the handful of details from that time. That’s where the work of Alif studio comes in. Anybody can flash a picture or shoot a video, but only few can capture the love, promises , emotion, memories and happiness.  our work speaks loud and clear for ourselves.

Although nested in Indore, our passport is always up to date. we love to travel, feel free to give us a call or meet over a cup of coffee.


We are hopeless romantics that help happy couple to get their perfect shots at the wedding, AlifStudio is in-house firm and production house along with our creative professionals,editing and post production teams,who work artistically to offer flawless photography and cinematography to our clients.We use best in class up-to-date latest photography equipment. We hope you will choose us to tell your story through our lens.

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